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How To Make Laptop Touchscreen : Full Guide And Explanation

How to make laptop touchscreen

How To Make Laptop Touchscreen : Full Guide And Explanation

Hello Hackdealers, you might have thought at least once to enable touchscreen feature on your laptop. After so many inventions and discoveries, there were some laptops which had touchscreen feature but were way expensive. But now, here’s a new technology that is available in India now which can make any laptop a touch screen laptop without spending a lot of amount. In this post we will guide you about everything answering your ‘ How to make laptop touchscreen ‘.

Here we are talking about all new technology which you might have not heard even. We are talking about Airbar : A new touch to your laptop. Airbar was earlier not available in India but now it is easily available on

How To Buy Airbar :

How Does An Airbar Work

AirBar projects an invisible light field all over your screen. When your finger, pen or brush breaks the light, you interact with the screen without actually touching it. You just have to mount the bar straight from edge to edge and plug in the usb. No calibration, no having to point in special places, no drama. As soon as you connect it with USB, your laptop will get a functionality of touch screen.

How To Setup Airbar

The AirBar works by bouncing infrared light off your fingers, interpolating where your fingers touch the surface of the screen. Make no mistake: A genuine touchscreen is more precise and offers more flexibility in terms of multitouch capabilities. But for those who want an inexpensive-but-serviceable alternative, the AirBar does the job.


  • Does it says — gives touch capabilities to older displays
  • Accuracy is very good, if sized correctly
  • The price is right


  • Only three sizes, and they must match the display
  • Not especially portable
  • AirBar isn’t big enough to fit most desktop monitors

For more details visit Airbar’s Official Website

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