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Hike Bumper Reward Offer : Trick to Earn upto Rs 10000 Real Cash (All Users)

Hey hackdealers, we are back with another exciting offer from Hike, an amazing Indian chat app loaded with lots and lots of features! Over the period of time, hike has evolved enormously as a chatting app.

Recently it has added a new feature of Wallet which allows its users to Send and Receive money. It has introduced different ways of Greetings through Blue Packets. Blue Packets are a fun new way to gift money on aluuringly designed digital envelopes.

Steps to Avail Hike Bumper Reward Offer :

1. First of all Update or Download Hike App.

2. Install, Open the app & Enter your Mobile number & Verify your Mobile Number through OTP.

3. If you are a New user at Hike then goto Chat Option (bottom bar). There you will see “Claim your Reward!” Card. Click on VIEW button.

4. Click On Claim and you will get up to Rs 25 depending on your Luck.This amount will be added to your Hike Wallet using which you can Transfer the amount to Friends or even to your Bank account.

5. Now to earn more Rewards, just start with Hike Bumper Reward Offer.

Note: If you are Old Hike User then you may or may not get the Hike Bumper Reward Offer. Just follow the Trick below to Get that Offer for you!

Hike Bumper Reward Offer – Invite & Earn

Hike Bumper Reward Offer has Different Tasks, you can complete each one and earn upto Rs 10,000 in total. The three tasks are:

  • Task 1: Invite Groups – Earn upto Rs 4000
  • Task 2: Invite Friends – Earn upto Rs 2000
  • Task 3: Invite Contacts – Earn upto Rs 4000

In Task 1, your Whatsapp Groups will be invited to Join Hike. Hike will send Blue Packets to those who are already on Hike. When they Claim the Blue Packet, they will receive any Random Amount in their Hike Wallet. Even you will get a Blue Packet which can earn you any random amount upon claiming.

In Task 2, your Hike Friends will be Invited. Hike will send them Blue Packet and they can claim to get any random amount. In Chats, you will find these contacts and also you will get a Blue Packet. Claim it to get any random amount. This task is very simple and it earns you free rewards for doing almost nothing.

In Task 3, your Contacts will be sent an Invitation SMS from Hike. When your Contacts join Hike, they will get any Random amount which they will have to claim after registering in Hike App. You will be also getting any random amount automatically added to your Hike Wallet.

Here are the Steps to Start with the Tasks in Hike Bumper Rewards Offer:

  1. Click on “ME” tab >> Wallet, If You are Eligible for Hike Bumper Reward Offer then you will see the offer banner.
  2. Now click on Invite Now and Select the Task you want to Complete.
  3. Hike will start Sending Invitations and Blue Packets to your Friends and Contacts.
  4. Make sure you always Claim the Blue Packet whenever you get from Hike. Once you claim, the Drawn amount would get added in your Hike Wallet.
  5. If any of your Contacts Join Hike from your Invitation, then the Random amount will be added to your wallet once your friends claim their reward.

Trick to Get Hike Bumper Rewards Offer for Every Hike User

Since Hike Bumper Rewards Offer is under Beta mode, it’s not available for all the Hike Users. But don’t worry, we have got a Working Trick to Get this Offer for every Hike User.

If you don’t see Hike Invite and Earn or Hike Bumper Rewards Offer in your Hike account then just follow the given below steps to get the offer. :-

  1. Open Hike App and click on Timeline tab from the bottom bar.
  2. Most of your Friends, who are having or claiming this Offer will have their Earnings Image on Timeline.
  3. Just check for such posts from your Friends and when you find it, you will see one GET REWARDS button along with the image. Just click on it.
  4. Hurray, you are taken on Hike Bumper Rewards Offer Page. Now start completing the tasks and earn rewards. Now you have got access to Hike Invite and Earn Offer. Earn Real Cash up to Rs 10,000.

Steps to Withdraw Hike Wallet Balance to Bank Account

Once you earn Rewards and Have Balance in your Hike Wallet then you can Send it to any other Hike Friend or Contact or even Transfer/Withdraw to your Bank Account.

Hike Wallet Balance has to be minimum Rs 100 to Withdraw to Bank Account. Here are the Steps on How to do it?

  1. Open Hike and go to ME>>Wallet.
  2. You will see your Wallet Balance. On the Same Screen, click on Wallet Button Present on top Right Corner.
  3. Select My Balance and then click on Withdraw Money.
  4. Click on ADD BANK ACCOUNT and fill out your Bank Account Details and Click on ADD.
  5. Now Enter the Amount you want to Withdraw and Select the Bank which you just added.
  6. Finally, Click on CONTINUE button. Hike will take 3% Withdrawal Fees. If you are Okay with it then click on WITHDRAW button.
  7. That’s it. Instant or within 2-3 Days your Hike Wallet Withdrawn Balance will be added to your Bank Account. Keep an eye on your Bank Statement.

So this was all about Hike New Rewards Offer. Hope you earn Big. If you have any Questions or Queries then just comment them below. We will help you sort it out! Thank you!


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